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Become a member – it's beneficial for both you and the sport!


UFDK grows with every year that passes and had around 150 members 2016. Of these about half was playing Discgolf and half Ultimate – the club also have players active in allround: andra discipliner

Without paying members we would not have discgolf in Uppsala. The club is completely or partly responsible for the maintenance of three courses in Uppsala. It is also helping the municipality with their course in Röbo. The membership fee from discgolfmembers are mostly put to materials and maintenance of the courses.

The Ultimate teams practices year round, both indoors and outdoors.The membership fees are mostly put to fees for renting indoor arenas to enable indoor practice. 

Therefore you should also become a member and let the worlds funniest sport keep growing! Everybody is welcome no matter the age or gender. As a member you get among other things...

  • Play our members only course Ultuna Discgolfcourse
  • Attend the club's practices and competitions year round
  • Club discount at Discsport.se


Membership fees for 2019

  • 200 kr Juniors (until 19 years inclusive)
  • 300 kr All others
  • 400 kr Family (name and personal identity number on all family members)

Competitional license for 2019

The licensing fee is transferred from the club to the correct Association and is required for Swedish competitions. One license is required for each of the sports you are going to compete in. That is, if you compete in both Ultimate and Discgolf, you need two licences. 

  • 100 kr License Junior (up to 18 for Discgolf and 19 for Ultimate/Allround)
    200 kr License Others

Pay your fees and then register you membership to UFDK.

1. Pay your total fee to UFDK:s plusgiro account: 479 94 17-3
2. State name and e-mail address when paying. 
3. Fill in the form on the Swedish page to register you membership.

Pay your membership fee as early as possible in the calendar year to facilitate the clubs budgeting.



By becoming a member you consent to be registerd in the club's membership register on IdrottOnline. IdrottOnline is the Swedish Sports Confederation's internet service for sports clubs. You will also receive a password to the clubs homepage and your information on IdrottOnline.


Important! If you have payed for "Familj", you need to register all the members of the family with their name and personal identification number.

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